February 14, 2011



“When there is disharmony in affairs, that means that there is something unknown. When there is collusion but not solidarity, there is covert alliance but covert alienation. When there is disharmony in affairs sages do not make plans for them. Thus, when there...

February 8, 2011

Tuesday 6:25 A.M.


“Behave humbly with the people, keep yourself lenient, meet them large-heartedly, accord them equal treatment so that the big should not expect injustice from you in their favor and the low should not be despondent of your justice to them.” – Imam Ali...

February 5, 2011

Saturday, 9:45 P.M.


“When the world is pregnant with lies a long hidden Sacred Truth will be revealed.” – George Orwell


“During times of universal deceit, tellingthe truth becomes a revolutionary act..” – Ancient Odinist Prophecy

Quiet. Quiet at 9:45 P.M.—especially on...

February 4, 2011

Friday, 10:14 P.M.


“All art worthy of the name is a reminder, in one way or another, that to be true to ourselves, we must transcend our human nature. The traditional painter thus depicts the face of a man with human features subtly but distinctly transfigured; and in...

February 3, 2011

Thursday, 7:32 P.M.

Yesterday my mind snapped…and from a psychoanalytical perspective it was the most interesting thing. I am still barely able to concentrate enough to write, but I’m going to make myself.

To discuss things such as this, one must one must extremely negat...

February 1, 2011

Late night/early a.m.

Earlier at mail-call I got some discouraging news. I desperately need a legal team, more funds, to do productive organizing, more solid proactive solidarity on the outside…whew…thinking of all this was a bit overwhelming and I suddenly had the urge...

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