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  • Rob Will

Black Homophobia

Earlier today on the Tom Joyner morning show — the most highly syndicated “black radio” morning show in the U.S. — they had a black homosexual male clergyman on as a guest. He briefly talked about biblical teaching regarding homosexuality. I was surprised Tom Joyner has a guest on to talk about such a controversial issue. More surprising was the immediate backlash his show received. Thousands of hateful messages poured in, causing Tom Joyner to exclaim that he had “never seen so many angry texts.”

I have heard black political commentators state that homophobia is more prevalent in the black community than in any other community in the U.S. I don’t like to make generalizations but there does seem to be truth to that statement. After hearing the above mentioned segment on the Tom Joyner show, I began to think about how many rap songs have homophobic lyrics.

Never have I heard a country or rock song with homophobic lyrics. Extreme prejudice toward LGBT folks exists in every ethnic group, but after hearing the incident on the Tom Joyner show earlier, I can’t help but think that perhaps LGBT RIGHTS organizers might want to work on more outreach in the black community…


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