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Participated In Their Own Murder

I just woke up a little while ago. I’m sitting at my nice little steel desk that’s attached to the wall and drinking a cold cup of coffee, waiting on mail-call. My fan is on 3, the highest setting, struggling to drown out the sound of my two neighbors’ excessive talking. There are only two people besides myself on L-III right now. The section was beautifully quiet then the stillness was interrupted by two people scream-talking at each other. Have you ever noticed how some people talk at you and not to you? As if everything they’re saying – every single thing – is far more important than anything – anything at all – that you might possibly say?

Well, so much has gone on since I dropped my last update that I don’t even know where to begin. On February 4th, I was gassed five times with four different canisters of riot gas. My leg is still a little messed up. Just yesterday I finally got to where I can do my “sitting eagle” meditation/yoga pose, so it’s all good.

On Saturday March 3rd, I conducted a major demonstration – I occupied the walkway coming back from visitation and made the Riot Team suit up and carry me back. Between all those incidents I’ve done about a million other things like occupy the food slot to get ranking officers down here. I just haven’t been writing any updates. I’ll write more detailed descriptions of the demonstrations in the near future. Yesterday, me and another dude were talking about what all has gone on around here and he basically called me out for slippin’ on writing updates. We were talking about everything and he said, “And who knows about all this besides the handful of us down here?!” I was like, “Damn, you’re right.”We have to continue to expose this System’s treachery, no doubt. So, be looking for more updates soon. Before I sign off, everyone needs to know that Joseph Nichols – who was executed on Mary 7th – and Charles Nealy – who was executed on March 20th – refused to acquiesce and participate in their own murder. THEY RESISTED! THEY FOUGHT! They died protesting capital punishment. About 97% of those executed in Texas have participated in their own murder and walked to their execution. Add Charles and Joseph’s names to the list of the 3% of people who have protested their execution. They refused to submit to their oppressor and they stood up warrior-style and said, “I am human and I will not support capital punishment by participating in my own state sponsored murder!”

By the way, for those of you who don’t know, TDCJ “censors” peoples last statements and the corporate media simply goes with whatever TDCJ says. They even pull little Orwellian “Ministry of Truth” tactics and “cut and paste” inmate statements. I just received an article about Joseph Nichols’ execution and it doesn’t say anything about him fighting. However, the article conveniently mentions that he “referred to a supervisory corrections officer on death row by name and uttered a string of obscenities about her.” He was talking about Major Nelson, the woman who supervised and directed the beating Joseph received on his last day alive. After he was forcefully put in the execution van, Major Nelson shook another officer’s hand and smiled with a “job well done!” look on her face. I’ll holler back later.



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