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Thor's Day/ Midday

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

I was up all night passing in and out of consciousness. It’s amazing that I actually slept a little on this cold steel bunk, naked (they gave me a paper gown which I used as a pillow) with gas all over me.

Earlier, Sgt. Brown came and said they were moving me back in 83 cell. I told him it was still covered with gas and I didn’t have any clothes. One of the officers brought me some boxers and the S.S.I. (inmate workers) cleaned up the cell. It’s ridiculous that we have to deal with general population cleaning crew inmates on top of dealing with these oppressive and sadistic officers. They snitch on us and fall for the officers divide and conquer games. That doesn’t apply to all of the S.S.I.’s but it is true for many of them.

While walking up the stairs one of the officers told the S.S.I.’s (Support Service Inmates) “Yeah, I guess ole’ Will just likes to make ya’ll work. It’s going to take a lot of scrubbing to get that gas off the walls.” The objective of that statement was, of course, to make the S.S.I.’s mad at me. This little fiefdom is like a microcosm of a fascist totalitarian state. Through propaganda and conditioning they keep the subjugated masses divided and under control.

Yes, Will is doing the right thing by protesting, but, he’s making more work for us and making our master angry. The latter thought completely negates the former. So as the S.S.I’s were “cleaning” – barely wiping a rag over my cell - they were mad and saying things like, “man, he could have saved this for the other shift,” “I don’t know why he’s trippin, it ain’t gonna do no good” and so forth and so on. This is the psychology of the indoctrinated herd behind these walls. Sad, really.

Well, now I’m back in 83 cell and all I still have is my gas-coated mattress, a pair of boxers and this pen. Oh and a towel. They said that they’re going to let me shower today. Damn! I just got back from the shower and I’m burning up again. The water reactivates the gas. Hold on. Tony (Egbuno Ford) is in the day-room so we’re about to have a non-violent, inner-communalist anti-oppression meeting!

I hope everyone reading this will drop Tony a letter of encouragement. His TDC # is 999075. Things are going to be getting much harder. I already see it coming. He needs words of support from the outside. One of Tony’s main goals is to show the brutality of this system and expose the true deplorable nature of capital punishment. He’s scheduled to be executed in only 34 days. The jury and courts say that he’s a “continuing threat to society” so he needs to be executed by the state. Is he stabbing officers, assaulting them in other ways or murdering them? No. He’s participating in non-violent and peaceful resistance.

Yesterday, he calmly sat down on the run after leaving the attorney booth and he refused to move. No violence, only resistance – standing up to the Beast, looking him in the eyes and saying: “No matter how hard you push me, I will not become like you. You are the aggressor, the depraved and wicked life denying demon, a parasite that feeds off anger and lusts for hate. I will not appease you. You are your own worst enemy!”

When the officers come to escort Tony back to his cell he’s going to take a few steps, sit down and refuse to move. We’re about to finish talking and I’ll see what happens. I’m on rec. restriction so they’re not allowing me out of my cell and I still don’t have any property. They can’t take anything else from me so in that sense, I’m Free.

Go to for more information.

In solidarity, Rob

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