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We Love Supporters

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

We love supporters.

Supporters keep Rob's story alive by sharing it with their friends and followers. Supporters keep Rob's online presence going by making and sharing posts. Supporters keep Rob in commissary food and books to read. Supporters keep Rob's spirit unbroken by sending messages via comments online or sending him letters through the mail. Supporters take the time to print and mail those messages so Rob can read them. Supporters provide Rob with visits to pull him out of the solitary torture he has endured for over 20 years. Supporters keep the campaign running by donating to the support fund, allowing the costs to be shared.

As Rob has said many times, "without supporters, I essentially don't exist".

So yes, we love supporters.

Below you will find a recent offering from some of Rob's Supporters, Sarah Elsie and Brit Hessler. Music; Free Rob Will by Tim Rundall and Caroline Davey.

Just another reason why we love supporters!

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