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How You Can Help

Rob's situation is literally one of life and death. We need all the help we can get!


Voice Your Opposition

January 25, 2025

Writing letters is a great way to voice your opposition. Start with the Texas Governor, Greg Abbott and Attorney General, Ken Paxton. They are the highest-ranking officials who can really make a difference. Every single time someone writes them, their offices are required to print, file and keep the letter.

This may seem like a small task that doesn't make much of a difference, but it does and it has with cases in the past. 

You can find a sample letter for the Governor HERE and for the Attorney General HERE. Feel free to edit, manipulate, add to your personal/company letterhead. Anything that makes it stand out.

This letter can also be sent to people beyond the Governor and Attorney General. It can also be sent to state representatives and other elected officials who you believe can make a difference. 

You can also sign our petition HERE!


Tell Everyone You Can!

January 25, 2025

"To get charged with a crime you didn't commit is incredibly easy,

to get out of prison, it takes an army". 

- Ryan Ferguson, exoneree from Missouri

Every single new person who hears about Rob's injustice can open new doors for us. Tell everyone you know about Rob and his case. You never know who could have contacts, ideas, or skills that could help!

We are active on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. Follow our pages. Share them with your family, friends and colleagues. Re-post our posts to your feed and story. You can also download and print a tri-fold brochure to share HERE, a media sheet HERE, or a detailed info pack HERE.

If you have contacts in the media or know someone who is an influencer (large social media following), present Rob's story to them. They may be able to do a story at their newspaper, magazine, online blog, etc. or share our social media posts to their followers.


Help Us Raise Funds!

January 25, 2025

Everyone involved in the fight to Free Rob Will is a volunteer, spending their own time and money to help save Rob's life. 

Funds are always desperately needed.

You can donate to Rob's cause via PayPal or purchase merchandise from our support shop HERE

Below are some other fundraising ideas:

  • Do a sponsored run/walk/skydive!​

  • Coordinate a bake sale

  • Host a show with local bands from your town

  • Make merchandise to sell at craft fairs or online

  • Fitness classes 

  • Hold a raffle, asking friends or local businesses to donate prizes

  • Art show/auction


Be Creative!

January 25, 2025

This information is just a starting point. Every new supporter brings new ideas and we love to hear them!

If you have any suggestions for ways to help then please do not hesitate to let us know. 

You can email us at: 

or DM us at one of our social media accounts



We look forward to hearing from you!

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