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A Clergyman’s Transgressions And A Prisoners Treachery

Early a.m.

We’ve been on lockdown since 9-16, ten days ago. The shakedown team arrived on the pod early this morning, around 6:30a.m. Being that we’re already 10 days into lockdown and they’re barely arriving on the Death Row building, it’s obvious that they’ve been taking their time.

This could mean that they’ve simply been loafing around or it could mean that they’ve been engaged in an excessive amount of oppressive activity. We shall see soon enough… I already have my radio — which contains a clock — packed up in preparation for the shakedown so I won’t be able to mark down times, but I’m going to give an account of today’s events…I just woke up a little while ago so I’m about to do my morning yoga routine… About 20 Asanas, some nice Pranayama and some nice, deep meditation later — now I’m ready to face whatever the day may bring! One never really knows how a shakedown will go. Sometimes, a shakedown can be a very tedious, routine process; a dull, slightly frustrating event that is really not much more than an annoying inconvenience. Other times a shakedown can be like unholy Armageddon — with officers marauding about in a sadistic frenzy, recklessly determined to engage in innumerable forms of oppression.

This shakedown may indeed fall into the latter category. Why do I say this? Because of the reason why we’re on lockdown. First of all, before I get to that, let me say that I’ve never spoken negatively of anyone else here on Death Row. I just don’t get down like that. If I don’t have something positive to say about a person well then I simply don’t say anything about them.

For the first time in all the years I’ve been here I’m going to make an exception. I’m making this exception because the situation needs to be talked about and I can’t properly talk about it without mentioning a particular person’s name. It really doesn’t matter anyway since the situation has been reported on by major mainstream news sources over the past 10 days. (He’ll probably attempt to unleash some treachery against me, but oh well). Here’s why we’re on lockdown: Richard Tabler manipulated Chaplain Anderson into mailing out some letters for him. Then, he snitched on the chaplain. Tabler also had some comments threatening Texas Senator John Whitmire posted on the net. (The comments were posted but it’s not known exactly who posted them for Tabler or how he had them posted).

Whitmire found out about the chaplain situation and net comments and raised hell, just like he did after the Tabler cell-phone scandal originally jumped off like 8 or 9 months ago. Senator Whitmire has been going off in media reports deriding TDCJ officials. In response, TDCJ administrators ordered this major-shakedown lockdown.

It really amazes me that no-one has informed Senator Whitmire that Tabler has been using him this entire time. He’s played the Senator like a puppet on strings from the very beginning. All of the staff members here know this and all inmates here know this. Tabler brags about it all the time.

To get into all of the details would take far too much time, but here’s a brief synopsis: before Tabler ever got caught with the cell-phone, he was ostracized by other inmates and labeled as a known snitch. He’s one of those people who sit around all day and try to start problems between inmates and just engage in all sorts of nefarious, devious and perfidious activity. Tabler has been like that since the very first day he got here. I know, I was his neighbor when he first arrived on Death Row.

In addition to trying to start all types of problems between inmates, he also plays these types of games with officers. I could give an in-depth psychoanalytical work-up on the dude, but I’ll just say that he’s one of those abjectly cowardly people who relish being the cause of others’ suffering because it gives them a sense of power.

Right before Tabler got caught with the cell phone he was boasting to officers and inmates that he was “going to get all of ya’ll real good!!” and how when he was through everyone was going to bow down to him, etc., etc. Then, after threatening Senator Whitmire he purposefully got caught with the phone and engaged in the next part of his strategic plan: a pandemic snitch-fest.

He had a prepared list of names of officers and inmates who he wanted to “get.” Tabler told elaborate tales of supposed illegal activity committed by staff members and prisoners. A maelstrom ensued. Events unparalleled in Texas Death Row history — in TDCJ history! —occurred: Over 200 officers stormed the building, tearing through everything. Officers’ vehicles were searched, some were pulled into admin offices and heavily interrogated. The Governor ordered a state-wide lockdown and I could go on and on. It was insanity.

All of Tabler’s stories turned out to be false. The entire time he was laughing at everyone, cheerfully boasting about his great victory. One can only imagine how sickly powerful he felt (and still feels). Now he’s done it again. On the news they said around 20 or 30 units are on lockdown. No doubt, he’s loving it…I just went to my door to see what’s going on. There are probably 20 officers shaking down. Good, maybe they’ll be fast. Anxiety is thick in the air. A bunch of guys are at their doors talking and trying to see what’s going on: “Who’s all on the shakedown team?” “Do they look like they’re tearing stuff up?” Someone hollering over to the next section: “Say, _________, did I just see Burleson going over there? Yes? Shit! That woman’s crazy. I don’t know why they even let her on the shakedown team!”

Another voice: “Man, I didn’t get but about two hours of sleep last night, knowing they were probably gonna shake down today”…Perhaps I should say a few words about Chaplain Anderson. He seems like a good Christian dude. Many of the preachers who have been back here seem to have a single goal and objective: gathering “saved souls” in order to pave their own personal road to heaven. Chaplain Anderson struck me as an individual who believed that even the outcasts of society need to hear the gospel message and that compelled him to be here.

Tabler’s mother was banned from corresponding with him so he exploited Mr. Anderson’s good nature and manipulated him into mailing “unauthorized” letters to her. Then he snitched on Chaplain Anderson. Sad. Very, sad…They’re on C or D section now. I wish they’d hurry up and come on with it! This is something I don’t think anyone on the outside knows about yet — check this out: They just put 2 more video cameras on Tabler. They had one in his cell and now they’ve placed 2 more facing his cell. This is absolutely unprecedented. In the history of TDCJ, they’ve never done anything like this.

Tabler’s loving it. I’m sure he’s feeling like the Overlord of TDCJ: “I have the power to lock down 25 prison units! I have the power to get 50,000 inmates shook down! I got a bunch of officers in trouble! Everyone is bowing down to ME!!”And, really, it’s almost hilarious — especially being that Tabler’s threats to Senator Whitmire are absolutely meaningless. He doesn’t have any street connections, he couldn’t act on his threats even if he wanted to. Tabler’s a sad little man and I can’t help but feel sorry for him even though he’s’ such a despicable character. I sure don’t like talking about this kind of thing, but people on the outside do need to know what’s really going on…Someone on the next section just yelled, “They’re being real, real thorough but they ain’t really trippin’ or tearing shit up.” A good sign. Let me kick back and do some reading…OK, I’m back I was gone for some hours. I’m quite the bibliomaniac. I devour books with a passion. I’ll usually read two books at a time, one fiction and one non-fiction. During reading one book, I’ll also usually cross-reference other books. Right now, I was just reading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. It’s a re-telling of the Arthurian legends from the perspective of the women involved, with a focus on the Druidic and Divine Feminine Celtic religions. Being that I’m a Goddess-loving Feminist, I’m enjoying the book. I’ve also been referencing some volumes I have on Symbolism while reading it.

Shakedown team is on the section! Let me get ready. Hopefully everything will be alright… I’m back in my cell now. The shakedown is over with.

Whew! It took a pretty long time for them to shake down this section — they were extra thorough but didn’t rampage. It took me like 10 minutes to find this piece of paper because my cell is in disarray (but not torn up!). Everyone else on the section is alright as well. Cool. Now it’s time for me to breathe a sigh of relief and start putting my property back in suitable order…

Peace, Rob

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