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A Disturbing Paragraph Of A Letter Rob Wrote Recently

It is hell going through legal work and writing up things but it must be done. Hopefully I wont drive myself insane with it! After the legal work I need to work on some other writing. One of the sickest things that have ever happened here happened on the 15th. The mentally retarded guy Michael Hall who was executed on the 15th broke down and fell out, literally collapsed, crying and crying and crying and the officers had to drag him off to the death van. He was like a big clumsy kid and even the prosecutors said he didn’t kill anyone, his co-defendant actually committed the murder.

I knew his co-defendant a little guy, needle-thin and about half Michael’s Hall’s size. He manipulated Michael to go with him –quite an easy thing to do because he was mentally retarded. One could look at him and tell he suffered from mental retardation, he probably had a form of Down Syndrome or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or something. Yes they murdered someone with the mind of a child who even the state admits never killed anyone 12 days ago. Quite disturbing. Even some of the officers that were here that day were disturbed by what happened. Can you imagine?

Michael Hall was about 6ft, 230 pounds and very obviously mentally retarded. I mean looking at him you would think “he looks like a big mentally handicapped kid”. And he collapsed crying and wailing like a hurt child to the point where they had to drag him off to be executed. And what makes it worse is that he was never ever accused of murdering anyone.

Very, very sad and disturbing but it’s more reason to keep pushing forward, more reason to remain steadfast in struggle. These things just weigh so very heavily on my mind though… Well I have all types of updates half written up I just haven’t had time to fully write them out. I’ll work on that after I finish this tortuously mind numbing legal work

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