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A Joint Sit In Demonstration

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

First off, I want to remind everyone that we just don’t simply “wild out” and do sporadic things. Many officers here read everything I write including Sgt.’s, Lt.’s, the Captain, the Major and the Warden and administrative officials. We are very methodical and thorough in our planning, but it would be counterproductive to lay out our strategies for the staff members to read. Ya’ll feel me, right?

Some of you may wonder after reading my last update from the 18th, for example: why did Reg get gassed but Gabriel occupy the run? Why did Rob not lock himself to his cell door when he had the cuffs like Steve did? Why did Reg get gassed when he could have jacked the handcuffs and locked himself to the door? (By the way, Reg occupied the food slot and gave it back after he was gassed). Believe me, we know what we’re doing. We have clearly defined goals and objectives and we go about achieving those goals and objectives in the most effective manner possible.

Well, earlier tonight I conducted a sit-in demonstration on my way back from visitation. Right after I entered the Death Row building (12 building) I sat down and occupied the area directly in front of the Cpt. and the Major’s office. Being that it was after 6pm only a Lt. was on the building, so Lt. Bryant came out of the office area. He didn’t even bother to drop any “compliance” rhetoric- I guess he knows it doesn’t work with me – so instead he just told Sgt. Youngblood to get the gurney and some more officers.

They went through their “incident” routine and I was wheeled back to my cell on the stretcher. A few minutes after I was in my cell, Gabriel was brought in on the gurney as well; he conducted a sit-in demonstration also. I hope everyone understands the significance of what we’re doing: We are conducting ongoing physical RESISTANCE directly in the middle of “The Belly of the Beast.”



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