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A Very Active Day –

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

1:30pm: All operations have been shut down for about 30 minutes. Steven Woods has handcuffed himself to his cell door. He’s on the other side of the pod so we can’t see exactly what’s going on but the guys in the dayrooms are giving us reports. The Riot Team just went over there. It looks like the maintenance officers are over there also…

Okay, they cut the handcuffs off of the door but they’re still working on the screen.

2:10pm: I just got back from the shower and all the officers just left my cell. I “jacked” the handcuffs so the ranking officers would be forced to come to this side of the pod. I eventually gave them back after we addressed several issues. Gabriel occupied the area right outside of the rec. cage right after I gave back the handcuffs. He’s right in front of my cell right now.

2:25pm: G. refused to “obey” the orders to go back to his cell and they brought the incident camera and just physically placed him back in his cell as he gave a protest speech. Venceremos! Because of the three major disruptions G., Steve and myself caused the Cpt. and Warden came on the pod. I finished talking to Cpt. Dickens a few minutes ago. I addressed several issues with him, just as G. and Steve did.

2:30pm: They’re taking post-use of force pictures of G. upstairs. Maintenance officers are still working on Steve’s door. Someone started flooding on our section.

3:08pm: Amun and I had a conversation with Warden Hirsch, addressing specific issues such as mail and food problems. He gave us his usual rhetoric; there’s no doubt about it, Mr. Hirsch is by far the worst warden we’ve ever had.

4:59pm: We just heard that Omari was assaulted with riot gas on the other side of the pod. The CO’s working the pod told us that we’re back on “administrative behavioral lockdown,” as if that is going to deter us from protesting! Oppression breeds RESISTANCE so their “behavior modification” tactics are essentially counter-productive. Using their little “divide and conquer” tactic of locking down the entire pod because of the actions of only a few individuals is only going to encourage more people to protest. Perhaps you haven’t heard Warden Hirsch? This environment has been altered, the mass collective psyche here on death row has changed.

And this is only the beginning! Umwalzung!

Rob Will

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