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All Out For The March To Stop Execution

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Last night I received a copy of the flyer for the 8th annual March to Stop Executions that will take place in Houston on October 27, only 9 days away (for more information, go to or call 713-521-0384 or 713-503-2633). I would like to strongly urge everyone to attend who can.

This event only occurs once a year and now is the perfect time to strengthen the abolitionist movement through building Solidarity amongst anti death penalty groups and gaining new participants. And very importantly, let’s make our voices heard! If you’ve never attended an anti death penalty event, now’s the time to move forward and become an active abolitionist. If you have a family member on death row or care for someone here, now’s the time to stand up and actively show that you won’t remain silent while they remain caged under a sentence of death. Public opinion against the death penalty is at an all-time high in the US and we have to keep the momentum going. Stand up. Attend the march. Let your voice be heard!

With Strength and Solidarity,

Rob Will

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