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  • Rob Will

An Attempted Suicide

Friday, Midday

I just got back from visitation. After my visit finished, I was walking down the hallway just about as happy as I could be. I came to the gate leading to A and B pods, went through, turned down the A-pod hallway and froze.

Two officers and the Sgt. were pulling a guy off B-pod, bloody and only in his boxers.  I stopped and yelled down the hall to the Sgt., “What the hell happened?” One of the officers told me that the guy slit his wrists but the officers found him while doing their security check. It is someone I've never met, and I don’t know who he is. There are 455 men here on Texas Death Row, and even though I’ve been here for four years, there are guys I’ve never been housed around.

You know, I can’t believe that pro-death penalty people actually have the audacity to propagate that the conditions here are too good. In the past year (actually about the last 14 months), there have been 3 suicides and like 5 suicide attempts on this building.  Why would people be murdering themselves if they were living in luxury?

There have also been 3 people who cancelled their appeals this past year, which is essentially state-assisted suicide.

Imagine not wanting to live anymore! Imagine being pushed so far that you can’t even take everyday existence any longer. We have to stop this system. We absolutely have to put an end to Capital Punishment. Thirty minutes ago I saw a man in the hallway who just slit his wrists. He was being pulled off of B-pod in nothing but blood soaked boxers. I can’t get that image out of my head . . .

The time for change is now: Rob Will

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