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An Urgent Call For Solidarity; A Life and Death Situation

“Protesting is an act of Love. It is born of a deeply held conviction that the world can be a better, kinder place. Saying ‘no’ to injustice is the ultimate declaration of hope."

— Amy Goodman, host and executive producer of the independent award-winning news program Democracy Now!

“Equal justice under the law is not merely a caption on the façade of the Supreme Court building, it is perhaps the most inspiring ideal of our own society…it is fundamental that justice should be the same, in substance and availability, without regard to economic status."

— U.S. Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell, Jr.

Today marks the 11th year of my unjust incarceration. For 11 years I’ve been held captive in conditions that academics worldwide stated would drive Bradley Manning (of WikiLeaks infamy) insane within 11 months. I’ve been persecuted and tortured for 11 years for a crime I didn’t commit.

Many times I’ve felt like I’m trapped in some sick, twisted Orwellian and surreal version of a bad, very bad, John Grisham novel. I’ve never stopped fighting though, and the main thing that has upheld and inspired me to push forward is those on the outside fighting with me. Sometimes the Solidarity I receive overwhelms me to the point of tears—tears of happiness born out of Love, tears that are indeed a declaration of hope.

I’m writing this today hoping that this call for solidarity will be answered widely. The above quote from Justice Powell sounds very good, but we know that money matters. Everyone who has been released from Death Row has done extensive fundraising. I just read an article about how Damien Echols’ supporters had to raise over $100,000 to get the DNA testing done that promised his release. From knowing exonerees from Texas Death Row, I’ve witnessed first hand how absolutely vital funds are for any and all legal purposes. I need your help; we need your help.

Sadly enough, it is all too typical that Texas court-appointed attorneys do nothing more than to help the prosecutors. Prosecuting attorneys will have extensive audio and visual exhibits and will have obviously gone through an extensive preparation process. Every exoneree has had pro bono and/or paid attorneys. I need to have that kind of help on my legal team.

The situation is very desperate but there is hope—I know that with the right amount of active Love and Solidarity we can raise enough funds to save my Life. And, in doing so we will not only save my Life, but we will make a powerful declaration against injustice, a declaration that proves the world can indeed be a better, kinder place.

From Texas Death Row,

With Strength and Love:

Rob Will

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