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  • Rob Will

Department Of Justice Condemns Harris County Jail

A few minutes ago I finished reading an article by James Pinkerton entitled “Family Sues Over Mother’s Death in Harris County Jail” in the 8-7-09 edition of the Houston Chronicle.

Margarita Saavedra, a 44 year old mother was allowed to die of an untreated blood infection she caught while in Harris County jail in January 2008. Jail staff-members ignored pleas from Ms. Saavedra, her family, her attorney and other prisoners.

In this article Mr. Pinkerton notes that U.S. Department of Justice officials who did an inspection at the jail in March 08 “found that a lack of adequate medical and mental health care and protection from physical violence and safety hazards violated inmate’s constitutional rights.”

The Department of Justice said this. George W. Bush’s Department of Justice Jail staff watched Margarita Saavedra die what was surely was a slow and painful death. They sat by and did nothing. Jose Saavedra, Ms. Saavedra’s son added a very sad statement to this story when he said “Its hard to know there are people out there like that.” Indeed, it is.


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