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Forcing Mentally Disabled Kids To Fight Each Other

I recently heard on the news that 6 Texas state employees at a juvenile center for the mentally disabled in Corpus Christi were indicted for forcing mentally disabled kids to fight each other. The employees were running a sort of underground Fight Club — forcing kids to fight each other and placing bets on who would win. They were even taking pictures and recording videos of the fights.

Depravity such as this is hard to fathom. Why would people charged with the care and supervision of mentally disabled children force them to fight each other solely for the sake of entertainment? One of the reasons is because in our society violence is an acceptable and readily sought after form of entertainment. We also have to delve into the overall mindset of the state employee to gain insight into the situation.

Although I don’t know much about the particular facility in Corpus Christi I am familiar with what type of facility it is. When I was in grade school I knew a kid who was sent to a similar place, a “state school.” He was never violent but he would always get into trouble and get kicked out of class. He had a really loud mouth and he was always clowning in class. I’m quite sure he wasn’t mentally disabled but I guess since he wasn’t actually breaking laws he couldn’t be placed in a juvenile correction facility; therefore he was placed into a state school for mentally challenged juveniles. He may have even went to the place in Corpus Christi. We were just told that they put him in a “retarded state school because he wouldn’t act right.”

The Corpus Christi facility may house kids who’ve broken laws or who have been violent and because of their mental disabilities can’t be in a regular juvenile facility. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s the case. So, back to the state employees. I know the type. People in positions of power who have direct control over others lives … [Good Americans, keeping all those damned retarded kids under control.]

Like many of the officers here they probably have little Texas state employee badges that they cherish. Little Texas state employee hats that they wear with pride. [Us against them. The good and the just against the trouble-makers, criminals and any “others” who aren’t like us. (Including all those damned retards.)] I can just imagine the 6 state employees. Their ethnicity is of no consequence. Some are probably “minorities.” What they have in common is their job. It’s a part of them. The weak and mundane like to feel as if they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. It gives them a sense of comfort and purpose. [I am a part of the great state of Texas. God and Country. Red, White, and Blue. Helping promote the “American Way,” the Texan Way.]

Weak men and women in positions of authority like to over-exert their power. I can just imagine these 6 state employees. Mundane. Indoctrinated. Go to work every day and throughout the day they grasp any possible chance to exercise their authority …

Their sadistic impulses partially a result of Americas love affair with violence. They watch the theatrics of wrestling on T.V. Fox News Brief: “Violence continues in Basra. U.S. Marines launch a new offensive. 100 suspected Muslim militant insurgents dead.” [Good! Another 100 less damned camel jockey towel heads to worry about. Our boys are doing a damned good job in Iraq.]

Click. Wrestling’s back on. Slam. Beat down. Cheers and claps come from the beer and cigarette stained couch supporting overfed asses clothed in state employee uniform pants. Work time. Juvenile facility for the mentally disabled. [Damned retards. “Hey John, I betya that big white retard kid over there can whoop that smaller black retard.” Well Betty I think you’re wrong! By God, I just had a great idea. Let’s make the retards fight each other like in that movie Fight Club. We can set up matches like in wrestling! Yippee! Woo-hoo!] Sadistic Glee …And this is acceptable. Other staffers can’t resist. [Bring the cameras! This will be great! Let’s make mentally disabled kids beat the shit out of each other!]

And this is appealing, fun. You know, like a dogfight or a Rooster fight, or T.V. wrestling. These kids, even though they’re mentally disabled are still wards of the state, under the authority of state employees. The process of dehumanization extends it’s good and just hand even to them.The mindset that makes it morally acceptable — and even enjoyable — to force mentally retarded children in state facilities to fight each other, is the same mindset that allows abuses in state prisons to occur. This is something that we have to fight against. I imagine that those 6 employees will probably be found guilty of the crimes and they’ll be labeled as “bad apples” by a spokesman for the state. Every time something like this happens they always blame it on rogue employees, “a few bad apples.” (Even though incidents like this continue to occur.)

Well, it’s not an isolated problem, it’s a systematic problem, a societal problem. How can we have a productive society based on peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding while state employees charged with the care of mentally disabled kids are forcing them to fight each other and making bets on the outcome of the fight? Should this be happening in the “the greatest country on earth?” Is this how our most vulnerable citizens should be treated?

Whenever I hear about things like this I tend to go off into a bit of a H.G. Wellsian zone, thinking about the Nature of Humanity … Contemplating the evolution of moral ideas and actions as civilization progresses (or regresses?) Is Man a doomed creature? Is humankind predisposed to ignorant and violent behavior? Are we all just genetically flawed, destined to eventually descend into a world-wide violent chaos that will end with nuclear holocaust? Really, I know the answer to all of those questions is no. Sometimes, I just delve off into that thought pattern. (Remnants of too much Nietzsche lurking around in my mind perhaps — that great walrus mustache of bitter sarcasm and eloquent and sneering cynicism tickling at the depths of my psyche!)

To pull a jack move on Obama — which I don’t feel bad about since he pulled a jack move on the grassroots social justice movement with this one — I’ll say “si se puede.” Yes we can make society more peaceful. We can ensure the healthy well-being of all members of society including the mentally disabled. Crime prevention will be focused on instead of punishment. Things will be better, it will just take time, effort and dedication by those of us fighting for a better future for all of Humanity …

* Note: I think it should be obvious to most, but if not, the derogatory remarks in brackets represent the thoughts of the sadistic state employee.

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