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Gods and Goddesses

Below is a lovely little excerpt from one of Rob's letters:

There was a time when all men and women were divine; they were all Gods and Goddesses. But they abused their power and the One True God decided to remove their Godhood from them. God assembled all of the High Gods and Goddesses from the upper pantheons to hold council. They all agreed that this must be done until mankind could truly recognize the beauty of their divinity…”But where?” the One True God asked and the High Gods and Goddesses spoke:

Osiris declared that it should be hidden in the depths of the unexplored pyramids.

No”, Freyja declared, “the pyramids continue to be explored; we should hide it in the depths of the forests of the North.

That will not be sufficient”, said Poseidon, “man continues to push into even the sacred forests. Let us hide it in the depths of the sea.”

My second sight”, said Heimdall “tells me that even the sea will be fully explored…

Suddenly, the One True God spoke and said, “I have it! Here is what we shall do with the Divinity of Man: we shall hide it in the depths of him because it is the last place he will ever think of looking.

All of the Gods and Goddesses agreed, and since then most of mankind investigates, climbs, dives and digs in search of something that is within them…

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