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I-60 Supplement

I-60 Supplement

To: Warden Simmons, Polunsky Warden’s Office

From: Robert Will-999402, cell: 12FE-77

Warden Simmons,

Yesterday, Thursday October 20th, I was placed on Level III for an unwarranted reason. On Wednesday, October 19th, I went on bench warrant and I arrived back at the unit around 7 P.M. I requested my property the following morning and then around 10 A.M. or so Sgt. Morning arrived at my door telling me that I was being moved from L-I A-43 to L-III F-77. I asked him why and he said Captain Dickens ordered him to move me because some pencil sharpener blades were found in my property. Never in the history of Texas Death Row has a single person been written a disciplinary case for pencil sharpener blades and, of course, never has a single person been placed on L-II or L-III for pencil sharpener blades.

Several months ago officers started telling us that commissary would no longer be selling pencil sharpeners and that we couldn’t have them. Hundreds of pencil sharpener blades have been found in this building since then, and no one has been written a case or moved to L-II or L-III because of being found with pencil sharpener blades. Officers have just been throwing them away or overlooking them. The only way we can sharpen colored pencils is by taking a pencil sharpener blade and utilizing it. Trying to use it in the casing doesn’t work and all officers know this. Furthermore, pencil sharpeners were supposed to be available in the pickets for use and return, but this hasn’t happened. A pencil sharpener blade is less than an inch long and cannot be used in any way as a weapon. Inmates down the hall in GP can possess pencil sharpener blades so it is unfair to consider them dangerous Level-III weapons—for the first time ever I might add—on this building.

Sgt. Morning and the Lieutenant on duty, Lt. Worthy, both told me they had never in their entire careers heard of such a thing. (And, of course, it’s never happened before.) I was told that Ms. Sheffield and Ms. Martinez just decided to shake down my property. (My property has essentially been destroyed and much is missing, but I will attempt to address this with building supervisors first.) It should be noted that Ms. Martinez, the property officer, and Ms. Sheffield, the investigating officer, have previously threatened me in the past, and as everyone knows they routinely violate TDCJ-CID policy and ACA standards, state and federal law. Captain Dickens has engaged in many violations of TDCJ-CID policy, ACA standards, state and federal law, against me in the past as well. For example, unjustly sending me to L-III for a fake case (Case # 20110-230998) that I was found not guilty of later on.

Our section on A-pod was just “shaken down” for a major shakedown last week, on October 12th, and they took pencil sharpener blades from four guys and they weren’t written any cases. As I said, they’ve found hundreds of pencil sharpener blades over the last few months and not a single person was written a case or levelled. I’m the first one in the 35-year history of Texas Death Row. I would like to respectfully request to be moved back to Level-I as soon as possible. My friends and family suffer if I’m on L-II or L-III and that’s what I’m concerned with.

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Will-999402

12 FF-77

Sent in: 10-24-11

* I believe that this extreme and unprecedented action is in retaliation for me filing official complaints and helping others to do so.

** I also have special visits for the end of November/beginning of December, which my friend has already spent thousands of dollars on.

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