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I'm on Disciplinary Pod

I'm on the disciplinary pod of Texas Death Row living in a constant state of protest hoping that we can get a mass movement together.

Here's whats been going on:

On first shift, 12-09-05, several of us were given ridiculous disciplinary cases for having paper in our windows. Another repressive new policy! Very well, myself, (Steven) Mike Woods and a few others decided to flood in protest. It took them about 4 hours to clean up all the water.

The next day around 11am we flooded massively again in protest of the majors sadistic new policies.

At approx 7.45pm on Thurs 12-11-05, all of the officers on the pod were in uproar because "someone threw hot oil on Sgt. Horton." About 30 minutes later they brought a guy I know named R to my section with the incident camera rolling.

R’s an intelligent and laid-back person so I knew right away that something very out of the ordinary provoked his actions. I asked him if it was cool to post the incident on the net. He said yes and told me what happened: Officer Tatem wrote him a case for having a “fishing line”. A fishing line is a long self-made line we use to pass things back and forth from cell to cell.

Now, I’ve been here two years and have never seen or heard of anyone catching a case for a line. I just asked some guys who have been here for decades and they’ve never seen anyone catch a case or be sent to the disciplinary pod behind a line either, Major Miller must really think he’s the Fuhrer, or the Warden from “Cool Hand Luke” or somebody! Anyway, R told me that about a week after he caught the case they came and told him to pack his property because he’s going to F-Pod. Going to level 2 for 3 months for a line! Whew, I bet he was in a state of angry disbelief! Well, R requested to see a Sgt. and when Sgt. Horton arrived he threw hot oil on him. R told me that he’s “just tired of the Major’s bullshit”. Sgt. Horton didn’t receive any injuries and I won't get into a discussion as to if R's actions were wrong or right. But, Major Miller is putting his officers in direct danger because of his overly oppressive new policies.

I don’t hate the officers who work here. Some are decent people just trying to make a living. Everyone on the outside please contact Warden Jones and Warden Biscoe at (936) 967-8082 ext. 110 and express your concern over Mr. Miller’s lack of concern for his officers’ safety. It seems Major Miller doesn’t care about his officers at all. In fact, he’s been implementing new oppressive rules on them as well. Here’s the most recent as of yesterday: effective immediately, officers (including all rank!) can no longer wear their personal jackets or coats to work. Only TDCJ issue will be allowed! Ridiculous! All of the officers are mad at the new Major and guess who they take it out on? Of course, us! On Friday, 12-12-03, I went to an attorney visit with a wonderful prisoner rights attorney. On the way back I “jacked” (sat down and refused to leave) the main hallway, right beside the Major’s office and the main control picket. Everyone from Capt. Bailey on down came and they looked extremely mad. Two officers told me that I should really, really get up because a tour was coming through. One added. "Will, that is THE CAPTAIN over the ENTIRE BUILDING!" Captain Bailey told me that he’d come and talk to me about the problem later if I’d get up and walk to my cell. If not, then "that’s it, (he’s) not going to work with me at all". I explained in a respectful I manner that what I’m doing is in protest of Major Miller’s sadistic new policies and the deplorable and oppressive conditions we live under. I then explained that my actions are not intended as personal disrespect to him or any of his officers, but they’d have to get the stretcher and video camera. They did, and wheeled me back to my cell without any problems.

The weekend was quiet. We actually got desserts on Saturday AND Sunday! I also heard some really good news: Officer Lazarro Robles who previously slammed me on the ground and assaulted me while I was cuffed has been moved off the unit. (Hopefully it’s true.)

We also got haircuts on Saturday, which they haven't done in a long time. Sgt. Thompson came and asked me if I’d "do anything" if he pulled out. I gave him my word that I wouldn’t so he let me get a haircut. I never break my word, even to officers, so I came back to my cell without incident. Once again, please contact the Wardens office and express your concern about the fact that Major Miller is turning Death Row into an extremely dangerous and oppressive environment, for both inmates and officers. Change is inevitable. Whether it be change for the better or for the worse is up to us!


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