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I Was Gassed By Like A Million Damn Litres Of Gas

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

We received this short update from Rob Will. As you can see, he has been very busy protesting on the inside. The riot team used excessive force against him during this last protest and hurt Rob’s leg badly. We are still waiting to get more news from him. Rob is also very busy dealing with his legal work, so updates may be few this month.

The Rob Will Defense Committee.

On Sunday (Feb. 4), I was gassed by like a million damn liters of gas and the Riot Team “ran in” on me like they did in the Aug. 22nd UOF tape. I’m OK, but my right leg is bruised up pretty bad. Sgt. Brown tried to break my leg. My ankle is kinda messed up too, but “es todo machin!”

I’m on L-III of course [...] I have an instinctive reaction to injustice. Whenever I see injustice, I absolutely have to react. I’m not “reactionary”, meaning, I don’t simply “do” things, but I can’t let injustice happen. I may plan methodically for an hour or some days, but I will always react. Sometimes I get very, very caught up in what I’m doing back here. I feel a deep urgent need to do nothing but constantly fight and organize on the inside. Sometimes days and days will go by without me even realizing it. Like, yesterday I occupied the “panhole” and I dealt with that for like 4 straight hours because the officers were playing the “wait it out” game. Yes, it sure as hell was tiring but I stayed bent down with my arm out of the slot that whole time! [...] So I stay busy. Oh and also, I’m on “food loaf” and they took all of my property for 2 days.

I was in a cell covered in gas with no property.


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