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Janis Joplin On KPFT

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

On Sunday Blues plays all day on 90.1 KPFT. Quite a beautiful thing. Right now Janis Joplin is singing a song I really like. “Don’t turn your back on love…” “Get it while you can…” A good message.

You should go listen to this song, and when you’re doing so ask yourself if you’re cultivating love in your life, spreading love, embracing love, utilizing love as a guiding principle in all you do. Sappy, overly sentimental banter? You must not be listening to Janis, uncultured philistine! Really, some of the greatest minds the world has known have spoken about how humanity can only be healed through love. Think about it—what if everyone conducted all actions in a loving, caring and righteous manner?

I mean everything, all day, constantly, in thought, speech and action. Solving the world’s problems is a very complex thing, the dynamics are vast, but cultivating love in all things is certainly worth thinking about…And at least trying to do. Why not start today? (Yes, Janis brings out my inner Hippy.)

From The Polunsky Death Camp

In the East Texas Piney Woods

With Strength and Much Love:


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