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Messages From Out ‘There’

Recently without my knowledge someone posted a part of one of my personal letters in which I was requesting information about people. I’m over here working, but a few quick things on this:

If you write me please tell me who you are. I’m in a prison cell, I have no computer access, please keep this in mind. Out there if someone sends someone a facebook message and they don’t know who they are, the first thing they do is go to their fb page and see who they are. Very simple, a few clicks. I can’t do this. My compañera who runs my fb will sometimes forward messages from people and half the time because of the way the J-Pay e-mails we receive print out I can’t tell who said what. The text will be run together without any spacing. Plus, I can’t keep a bunch of extra paper so I’ll make quick notes and throw the e-mails away.

The spacing on the J-Pays is really crazy. I was just looking at a few. Sometimes I can’t even tell if something is part of a personal message to me, or a comment posted or an article written by someone I know or someone I don’t know. It is very confusing and then I want to know if a person wants me to respond, just came across my website and wanted to leave a quick note, wishes to organize with me or what?

Plus, some extremely crazy people have contacted me and I’ve wasted too much time in the past with this. For example, I’ll get a snail mail letter from someone saying they are a dedicated anti DP activist and think I’m amazing, and really want to correspond with me. O.K., so I’ll write this person back and in my next letter to my Compañera who runs my website I’ll say, “I got a letter from Jane Doe and she says she’s a dedicated anti DP activist and wishes to work with me/us. Do you know who she is? Has she contacted you?” And I’ll get something like this in response:

“Oh, yes I did get an e-mail message from ‘Jane Doe’ but I didn’t bother even mentioning it to you because it was just nonsense. Apparently Jane Doe’s ‘activism’ consists solely of having various boyfriends and husbands on various Death Rows in the U.S. Let me see real quick…[click, click, click]. Yes, O.K., that’s correct and Oh, wow, apparently Jane has just posted an urgent message informing the world that she just realized that she is still in love with her ex-husband on California Death Row and is now divorcing her current husband on TX. Death Row. But, even though she is still in love with her ex-husband on Cali Death Row she’s still mad at him because he was writing sex letters to his fucking French whore and, Oh wow, here is a chain of e-mails attached that she sent to the said ‘fucking French whore’. Jesus, Rob I feel like my brain is rotting! I know you/we don’t deal with such things so, yeah, that’s why I didn’t mention it to you. Sorry you wasted $1.05 writing this person back and I’m sorry I wasted 5 minutes of my time on this also!”

You would be surprised by how much stuff like this I get. I’ve asked my people out there to please be a bit more clear when sending messages from people to me, but also, if you write please let me know who you are, why you are writing, and what you hope to achieve. Some may want to help with organizing on their own. Some may only want to work with my supporters on the outside. Some may want to be in personal contact with me. Whatever is cool, just let me/us know, O.K.? Oh and unless you’re Arundhati Roy or Asmaa Mahfouz then I’m really not trying to hear any marriage proposals!

I have an immense amount of Love and Respect for everyone out there who supports my struggle which is part of The Struggle, whether I am in personal contact with you or not. Community. Fellowship. Solidarity. Camaraderie. Inter-communalism. These aren’t just words to me, they’re part of my Life. The realization of the intimate Interconnectedness of all of Life, Humanity, Nature and Existence is deeply internalized within me, but I most especially feel connected to those who work to make our society better, those who actively work to advance the process of the healing of Humanity. In this spirit I’ll sign off with some seriously warm vibes of pure Love, Strength and Solidarity and a Spartacus Dionysian shout of:



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