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  • Rob Will

Moved To A New Cell

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

I think that maybe the TDJC administration has been reading up on various methods of social control and subjugation of an oppressed populace. Perhaps, Henry Kissinger has been doing some contract work with them or something …

Some more contraband was found on a guy last week, on Monday I believe. Shortly after, the administration ordered that every single person be moved and that’s exactly what happened — everyone on death row was moved to a new cell. Nothing like this has been done before. They did all of these moves as a collective punishment tactic. The act of simply moving to a new cell isn’t necessarily “punishment”, but immediate on-the-spot moving without even having time to properly pack up your property is.

I believe all of the moves were finished on Friday but the interrogations aren’t. Interrogations? Yes, the administration decided to pull out every single person on D.R. and take them to the Major’s office to talk to the Major or Lt.

They said that everyone had to go willingly or they’d be gassed and dragged out to the office by the E.R. Team. They’ve been threatening people and attempting to get information during these interviews.

Undoubtedly — and sadly enough — they have surely intimidated some people and there has definitely been snitching going on. That’s just how things go around here. *Sigh* … More on this later …


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