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Ms. Smith´s Evil, Continued

Another pillar that holds up property officer Smith’s reign of terror has been revealed: Cheryl Lawson. I don’t know who she is, but her name is on the “signature authority” line of the step 2 grievance I filed concerning Ms. Smith on 10/12/09. I just received the grievance back tonight. Here’s the response:

Your step 1 narrative, investigation, and response have been reviewed. This investigation finds you were offered a settlement on 12/8/09 and refused. Therefore, no further action is warranted.

You can check out my updates The Most Perfidious Ms. Smith Strikes Again (aprox. 7/28) and Ms. Smith’s Apologist (9/29) to be informed of details of this whole ordeal, but here’s the gist:

On 7/14/09 Ms. Smith stole a stack of 3-ply carbon paper from me. I filed a grievance and almost 5 months later I finally received the above response back.

Let me explain what the “settlement offer” was. A grievance officer came to my door and said that she was instructed to offer me a bag of beans, a bag of rice, a chili pouch, and 20 envelopes as a settlement for my stolen property. That amounts to $3.00. First of all, Ms. Smith stole about $10.00 in carbon paper from me. Secondly, I wasn’t going to accept property that was obviously stolen from another inmate! TDCJ bureaucratic absurdity…

While I’m on the subject of the most treacherous, Ms. Smith I’ll mention an incident that illustrates the profound depth of her depravity:

When Crazy Mike was taken to be executed, Ms. Smith was out by the Death Van. Let me explain why this is so significant. A while back I was talking to my neighbor and he was expressing to me how he thought Ms. Smith was the most hateful person he had ever met.

During the conversation he said, “Man, she’s sick, her mind is disturbed—she’s the only officer who goes out to the Death Van on execution days who doesn’t have to be there!” I’ve previously thought that it was rather strange how Ms. Smith looks at the Death Van with a weird glare in her eyes, but I always figured she was out there because some ranking officer made her bring the property of guys who are about to go to the Death House out right before they’re about to be loaded into the Van. I figured she stayed because some policy prevents movement between secured areas around that time.

When Crazy Mike was taken he had no property to take with him to the Death House. I think there are about 400 staff members on this unit. About 15 officers go out to the Death Van when it comes for people; all of them are required to be there. Property Officer Smith was the only officer on this unit who went out to the Death Van on Crazy Mike’s execution date voluntarily. And, indeed, she had that weird depraved glare in her eyes. I feel so sad for that poor woman. It is surely terrible to have such deep hate inside your heart.

Peace, Rob

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