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My Statement Of Purpose As An Activist

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

As a world citizen I believe that all people of the Earth deserve UNIVERSAL Human Rights.

As a dedicated anti-death penalty prisoner and Human Rights activist my fundamental goals and objectives are ensuring that all of Humanity is granted those Rights, which include:

An end to racism

Steady employment

Safe working conditions

Socio-economic stability

Clean drinking water

Viable social programs

Freedom of religious expression

Right of self-determination

Gender equality

Adequate housing

Proper health care

Abolition of the death penalty

Right of cultural expression

Meaningful education

Environmental protection

An end to hunger

Rehabilitation instead of imprisonment

Right of sexual preference

Peaceful coexistence

An end to militarization and war

Abolition of all forms of oppression

I stand in DIRECT opposition to those who force oppression upon others. Though I'm one man being unjustly held captive on Texas death row, I humbly extend my LOVE, SOLIDARITY, and DEDICATION to all who advance thee Struggle for Equality and peaceful coexistence of mankind. Being conscious of the need for social change as illustrated in the above-mentioned goals and objectives inaction is nothing less than blatant consent to oppression and injustice. I REFUSE to consent. Through progressive thought and DIRECT action I will remain relentless in the Fight to achieve Universal Human Rights FOR ALL!

Rob Will

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