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Neuroscience O.G Richard M. Restak's Writing On The Mind

A little over a year ago, the state of Texas announced a ban on any material that wasn't standard printer paper. This included birthday cards, postcards, and, most importantly for Rob, cardstock and other professional paper for his art. Thanks to his amazing supporters, we were able to get material to him prior to the start of the ban to ensure his work could continue.

After a year of no visitation, Rob finally had a chance to release the larger works of art that he has been working on since prior to the start of the pandemic. This piece, completed on textured, black 12" x12" cardstock, is entitled "Neuroscience O.G Richard M. Restak's Writing On The Mind/Embrace The Shadow Self - Face And Overcome Your Demons / Jungian Depth Psychology / Helga Ve Thetta Ok Hindra Alla Illska". The latter is an Old Nordic rite that translates to "Hallow this sacred place and hinder the entry of all evil things".

Stay tuned for more new pieces and check out his art section on this website to see more of his work.

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