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R.I.P. Creeper G’

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

The news just reported that yesterday, June 20, 2006, La Mont Reese (A.K.A. Creeper G) was executed, but… he refused to submit to his oppressor and he protested his execution! The news also said that Creeper’s mom completely broke down and began violently crying, the she had to be escorted from the TDCJ property by force. The news said that she tried to break through the wall and Plexiglas to get to her son who was strapped down to a gurney being murdered. She kicked 3 holes in the wall before the prison staff “removed her from the premises”.

Yesterday, after his last visit, Creeper told the officers that he was not going to walk to his own murder. He made them carry him to the execution van, and then he made them carry him all the way to the gurney. The death penalty exists because the indoctrinated masses remain blind to the way this System truly functions. When people walk to their own execution that act in itself tells the public “Everything is OK! I support the death penalty, this System and my own murder”. Therefore, protesting one’s own execution tells the public the exact opposite: “I do not support my own murder, state sanctioned executions or this deplorable System! Everything is not OK!”

Let me highlight this: THERE HAVE BEEN ALMOST 400 EXECUTIONS IN THE STATE OF TEXAS AND ONLY ABOUT 4% OF THOSE EXECUTED HAVE PUT ANY RESISTANCE. 6 men fought and 5 have conducted a sit in and made the officers carry them. 4 of those who have done so after we began our organized DRIVE protest and November 1, 2005 (see my 11-1-06 update). 4 out of 5 who have conducted sit-ins on their execution date have done so after 11-1-05.

Here are a few things to think about: 10 out of the 11 guys who have protested their executions have been non-Christian. Only 1 guy who protested his own murder was Christian. Here are the ethnicities of those who have protested:

Fought                                     Conducted a sit-in

African-American      4             African-American       4

Jewish-American      1             Jewish American        0

Mexican-American    1             Mexican-American     0

European-American  1            European-American    1

I’m sure one could draw all kinds of interesting sociological conclusions from the above mentioned statistics… me and Creeper were cool but we didn’t know each other well; we were only housed around each other for a short time. Yesterday, Creeper had the courage to stand up against this system that oppresses us all and for that he has all of my respect. His act of civil disobedience will definitely inspire others! R.I.P. Creeper G!

In the Spirit of Self-determination:

Rob Will

P.S. My birthday is next week and I want one thing for my birthday: I’d like everyone reading this to listen to these two programs every weekday for the next 2 months: “Democracy Now!” ( and “Flashpoints” (

Oh, and hug someone who you haven’t hugged before and, hey, why not commit some random act of kindness that doesn’t involve self-interest?

Note: Read the story of Creeper G here:

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