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Reg´s Execution Date Only In Two Months

Reg Blanton is scheduled to be executed by the state of Texas in only two months, only 60 days.

If Reg is executed it will be an absolute travesty — more upsetting than any previous execution or possible future execution. I say this not simply because he is my comrade and friend, but from the perspective of Reg’s value to any environment he could be in, whether that be here, in general population with a Life sentence, or out in the free-world.

Reg is a person who constantly strives to uplift those around him and his environment as a whole. Not only does he strive to do so but he has the ability to do so. This is indeed a rare thing, especially in prison.

His actions are the result of a lifestyle, a lifestyle of social activism. All socially conscious individuals need to get involved in the fight to save his Life. One thing I’d like everyone to do is go to Reg’s MySpace ( and see how you can help.Also, contact media sources and suggest they do a story on Reg’s situation.

Silence and inaction are very simply unacceptable. Acquiescence is acceptance. Acceptance is consent. Injustices have to be actively fought against and Reg’s scheduled execution is a high form of injustice. Get involved in any way that you can and help advance the fight to save a very valuable and worthy human being.

Strength and Solidarity,


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