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Solidarity Call for Reg

Only 12 days until my comrade and friend Reg Blanton is scheduled to be executed.

I know that I should remain in the present moment. I know that I should cultivate Positive Energy, but it’s hard, very hard. If Reg is executed it will affect me much more than any previous execution or any possible future execution that could take place…

There is something I’d like everyone to do for me. Right after you read this take the time to go to Reg’s MySpace ( and go to the DRIVE site ( and read Reg’s writings. Feel his vibe and then write a letter or note of Solidarity and send it to him.

Do this right away because mail arrives here slowly. Better yet, you can send him an e-mail through the new J-Pay service ( which is guaranteed to arrive within 2 days. I’d like everyone to do this.

You don’t have to send him a long letter, it can just be a short note or card. I especially want all of the activist folks out there to do this. Reg has remained vigilant in the Struggle for many years. He’s fought hard and remained unwavering in the face of extreme adversity.

Everyone out there who engages in social justice organizing knows that it’s an art. Reg is a master at this art. Organizing out in the free-world can be challenging but imagine doing so in this environment, an environment designed to break the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Send Reg a note letting him know that his actions in standing up for Truth and fighting against oppression are appreciated. Show him a little Love and Solidarity. He definitely needs as much as possible right now!



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