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Steve Moody´s Murder

Steve Moody Will Be Murdered In 3 Days

A friend of mine, Steve Moody, is scheduled to be executed by the state of Texas in three days. There’s no doubt, Steve will definitely be murdered because he chose to not pursue any more appeals after he received an execution date.

I’ve known Steve for many years — he’s a solid, stand up dude. Me and Steve have been on the disciplinary pod together many times, struggling together, protesting together. Steve’s not a real political dude but he’s a person who won’t simply stand by when injustice occurs. He’s been riot-gassed many times and he’s participated in two hunger strikes.

Can you even begin to imagine knowing that you will be murdered in three days? What would you be thinking? Would you be able to sleep? Would you feel death stalking you? I can’t even imagine what Steve’s going through right now …

Robert Will

Steve Moody´s Murder

There’s something just so terribly unnatural about the process I’m witnessing right now. Everything is so deliberate. A slow, methodical, carefully calculated form of murder. I’ve had many, many conversations with people who have committed murder, almost 9 years worth of conversations. One thing I’ve learned is that there is a great difference between people who committed planned-out pre-meditated murder and those who killed at the spur of the moment.

Steve is here because he killed a drug dealer during a robbery. Me and Steve talked about his case before and he told me what happened: Steve and another guy went to a known drug dealers house to rob him. They went in and Steve held the guy at gun-point, while his partner searched for the drugs and money. The drug dealer was on the ground and he kept trying to move. At one point Steve said the drug dealer appeared to be lunging for a gun and Steve panicked and shot him.

The drug dealer’s girlfriend was there and Steve didn’t harm her in any way. After he shot the drug dealer they left. There’s no doubt, the murder Steve committed was tragic and sad. But, it wasn’t pre-planned … This, what I’m watching right now, is different, this is methodical, pre-meditated. It’s orderly, systematic State-sponsored murder.

This is murder paid for by tax-dollars. Homicide by the State.

12:09pm. There’s Steve. He’s shackled down in chains, coming out from the building surrounded by officers. He just walked into the van and the doors closed. Another round of backslaps and hand-shakes. The van is pulling off. Steve’s gone, gone to the death chamber in Huntsville where he’ll be murdered in 6 hours.

He’ll be strapped down to a gurney and have poison pumped into his veins until he dies. Another senseless and pointless murder … I just saw a friend of mine shipped off on his way to die. I want to write some more about Steve but right now I think I just need to kick back and chill …

Robert Will

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