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Steven Woods: Unwilling To Be Murdered


Steven was executed about 48 hours ago, and since then I have been in a state that has disallowed me from writing. Well, I’ve been forcing myself to scribe out half legible notations but nothing more. I can engage in intense battle with sadistic maniacal SWAT teams and never once flinch or waiver in even the most minuscule fashion, but witnessing and feeling the suffering and pain of others caused by injustice can throw me into absolutely terrible states. For three out of four of Steven’s last days alive I spent two hours each day with him. We did a short interview the night before he was murdered and I need to post that and other things. All I can do right now is relay a few important things, however, because I’m quite simply fucked up over here. And I’m also schitzing out because I don’t know if Brother Buck was executed today, by the time the Execution Watch show went off his execution was stalled but no one knows what happened. Brother Buck is a good dude (and I’ve only said that about a few individuals in all the years I’ve been locked up).

A few quick things about Steven: One, tonight I received an email with a piece written by Sargis B. about Steven the day after he was murdered. Everyone go read this. ( If I wasn’t so freaked out over here I’d write something similar.

Second thing: Steven protested his execution! He committed the righteous and courageous act of refusing to walk to his murder. (He made them carry him.) Steven is the first person to engage in civil disobedience on his execution date since my comrade and friend Reg Blanton did so in 2009. Steven and I spoke of Orwell and Socrates the night before his murder and, well, I’m half delirious right now, but I’ll write more about this soon.

In addition to reading Sargis B’s post I want you to go look at my Book of the Damned painting and read the typed transcription of the cursive text on the painting.

How many understand the profound nature of the fact that Steven refused to participate in his own execution? Everyone needs to post this information everywhere and I’d like to know everyone’s thoughts on this. Yoga and Shaolin Qi Gong time, and perhaps I’ll get some rest…

From the Polunsky Death Camp

In the Spirit of Satyagraha:

Rob Will

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