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The 35th Anniversary Of George Jackson’s Assassination

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Rob Will’s Use of Force Video August 22, 2006

This video taken at the Polunsky Unit on August 22, 2006, shows the use of force against a direct action conducted by Rob Will in memorial of George Jackson’s assassination and to protest the pending execution of Justin Fuller that was set to August 24. Justin Fuller also protested his execution and refused to walk to his own murder.

Monday, early morning

I’ve been up all night preparing for today.  Right now, I’m on non-disciplinary status, Level I.  Later today I will be moved to Level III, the most restrictive disciplinary status.  I will be assaulted with chemical gas and forcefully handcuffed, shackled and hopefully not beaten too severely by the Emergency Response Riot Team.  It’s time to stand up and protest!  It’s time to demand change!

I will be conducting a direct action in honor of George Jackson and in remembrance of his brutal assassination by the same system that has all of us here trapped on Texas Death Row.  I will also be protesting the pending August 24th execution date of Justin Fuller, all other execution dates and, as always, the inhumane conditions we’re forced to live under.  I’m exhausted but I need to get this update written before the uprising commences. No telling what will happen afterwards.  I’m waiting to go to recreation right now.  All of my property is packed up and I’m ready! ***

There’s some type of incident on the other side of the pod.  The officers have stopped all movement.  It looks like two guys have “occupied” the outside recreation yards…  Yep, the Emergency Response Team is over there…  They just bombed the rec. yard with gas grenades and physically removed the guys off of the yard.  Yes, they actually use military grade chemical weapons (e.g.: gas grenades, gas canisters, etc.) on us.  They do so even when a person remains peaceful (as is the case most of the time.) Well, it doesn’t look like the officers are going to put me out to rec.  I just asked officer Griddell about recreation and he told me that Sgt. Tolley told him not to let me recreate today.  Oh, really?…

Ok, I just gathered together a bunch of stuff to light a fire with.  The walkway/run already has a bunch of trash on it so this fire should be rather large.  If they don’t want to let me out of my cell today then I’ll hold my own personal candlelight vigil!…  I just lit a huge bonfire out on the middle of the run.  The fire alarm should go off in the hallway so a ranking officer will come to the section soon.

I just finished speaking to Sgt. Tolley. He said that he didn’t tell CO Griddell not to let me out to recreation.  He didn’t say much else before he left. Very well, I’ll just keep the dinner tray after they pass out dinner and I’ll make them gas me and come retrieve it. As ridiculous as it is, that’s how this system reacts to non-violent protest- with extreme violence…

8-21-06, Approx 6:30pm It was just shift change. I told the officers on the other shift that I wasn’t going to give back the tray. I’m ready for the ER Team to come so I need to pack away this pen and paper. Officer Reed just came by and told me that the rank isn’t worried about the tray and I can keep it. Hmmm… now that put a stop to my plan for tonight, damnit. I need to get some rest and prepare for tomorrow. Remember, inaction in the face of injustice is direct consent!

8-22-06, Approx 5:30am I’m going out to rec. first round, which will be shortly after 6am. I’m going to refuse to leave the recreation yard when it’s time for me to go back to my cell. A 5-man Emergency Response Team will be called. They will line up at the door to the rec. yard. I will be assaulted with chemical gas as all of the officers look on, clad in gas masks. Then, the Team will storm onto the rec. yard with a riot shield, beat me and forcefully handcuff me, then take me to the Level III section. I need to get ready. This is what true protest is about!

8-22-06, nighttime They used 2 canisters of LE-10 Crowd Control chemical gas on me this morning. I’m in a cell in nothing but my boxer shorts.  My face is bleeding and I’m bleeding on my hand, side and inside my lip. I don’t have a mirror so I don’t know what my face looks like. One of my neighbors sent me a pen and a piece of paper. It took me a while before I could breathe normally and see. I’ll describe what all happened later. I need to try to recuperate.

One Love, One struggle:

Rob Will

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