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The Dark Lord Cheney: Destroyer Of The Blues

Sunday. Day named in honor of the Sun. A cool laid-back day, a day for relaxation. I got up early this morning and after my wake-up routine — yoga and washing up — I begin cleaning and washing clothes. I put my headphones on and to my absolute delight the antenna was working well, KPFT was coming in good. From 6am to 4pm on Sunday’s KPFT has on shows that play nothing but Blues music. I LOVE all types of music and I definitely love Blues. So, I’m jammin’ while washing clothes and cleaning up my cell. Cool. Chillin’ …

Taj Mahal, that most eclectic guitar guru, is bending strings. Albert Collins has me toe-tapping and head nodding singing along with him. Stevie Ray comes on, making Love to the guitar, singing a song that moves the spirit. Man, I love this music … The reception started messing up. (A thousand curses upon the wretched diabolical antenna!) Like a ravenous beast out of Revelations, one of the right-wing neo-conservative fundamentalist Christian stations crept over the most-noble KPFT devouring it completely. And of all things what do I hear? A news report on Dick Cheney. Yesterday he was on Fox News essentially defending illegal torture techniques.

It’s almost 4 o’clock now and for hours I’ve been trying to listen to Blues on KPFT. The reception has been fading in and out, in and out. When KPFT goes out I’ve been switching to another station. All day long various stations have been talking about Dick Cheney and playing news clips from him.

All of the sudden Cheney is Mr. Congeniality, giving pleasant talkative media interviews. What the hell? When he was vice president half of the time no one knew where the hell he was. Cheney consistently shunned the media, going about his vice presidential duties in an extremely reclusive manner. Out of sight, out of mind. When Cheney was thought of, one couldn’t help but imagine him in some secret underground bunker, clothed in a pitch-black hooded cloak, sitting hunched over at a desk surrounded by various bubbling vials and steaming beakers. A single bulb hanging overhead casting dim light on the well-worn, heavily highlighted and personally annotated leather bound copy of Machiavelli’s Prince in his hands …

For 8 years as vice president, Dick Cheney lurked in the shadows of the government ever-scheming but rarely seen. Unjust wars. Torture. Deplorable domestic policy. No-bid Halliburton Contracts. Outing C.I.A operatives. Etc! Etc! — All while shrouded in a mist of secrecy. Now he’s the new Paris and Britney I suppose. And we can add another perfidious title next to his name: Dark Lord Cheney, Destroyer of the Blues.


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