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The Dionysian Element

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Interestingly, Nietzsche actually originally came up with the term “Dionysian” used in the context of the Arts. He originated the term in his, The Birth of Tragedy, one of his lesser known works. In the book he drew the dichotomy between Apollonian and Dionysian forms of Art. Quite brilliant! This figure, this character, represents the Dionysian element… The unbound spirit of creative energy... I didn't really think of creating this little painting – like with most of my art it just sort of came to me. Nietzsche wrote much about this concept of the Dionysian but here are a few interesting lines from his Twilight of The Idols. (Ah, and as if on perfect cue, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons just came on!)

“In the Dionysian state…the whole affective system is excited and enhanced: so that it discharges all its means of expression at once and drives forth simultaneously the power of representation, imitation, transfiguration and every kind of mimicking and acting. The essential feature here remains the ease of metamorphosis…he does not overlook any sign of an affect, he possesses the instinct of understanding and guessing in the highest degree, just as he commands the art of communication in the highest degree. He enters into any skin, into any affect : he constantly transforms himself.

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Michelle Foster
Michelle Foster
16 nov 2022

How can I buy a painting please and have it sent to australia, I love them, xx

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