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The Most Perfidious Ms. Smith Strikes Again

During the recent major shakedown property officer Smith was in her finest and most terrible form, rampaging around committing her customary treachery. (See my previous piece “Medusa Lives” for more info on the terror that is Ms. Smith.)

Ms. Smith did a lot of people bad but the vast majority of guys won’t file grievances out of fear of further retribution. She committed what one might consider a not-too-extremely-oppressive act against me, but I still filed a grievance and I wanted to post it. (The text of the grievance is below.)

Peace: Rob

- – - – - -

Step 1 Offender Grievance Form

Offender Name: Robert G. Will

TDJC: 999402

Unit: Polunsky

Unit where incident occurred: Polunsky

Who did you talk to (name, title): Ms. Smith; Cpt. Bryant; C.O Ancira, C.O Landrum

What was their response: A malicious smirk from Ms. Smith; Cpt. Bryant said he would check into it.

What action was taken: Ms. Smith engaged in theft. When: 7-14-19

State your grievance in the space provided. Please state who, what, when, where and disciplinary case number where appropriate.

On 7-14-09, at approximately 2:30pm I was “shook down” in accordance with major shakedown procedure. (This was a “major shakedown lockdown.”) C.O Landrum and C.O. Ancira removed me from my cell and begin searching my property in the dayroom. (There are 2 “Ancira’s” here, the Ancira relevant to this situation is the one without visible tattoos on his forearms; the older one I believe.) Being that this was a major shakedown C.O’s Ancira and Landrum went through every piece of my property very thoroughly. C.O Ancira picked up a large envelope full of 3-ply carbon paper and begin flipping through the pages. Property Officer Smith ran to the other side of the dayroom where Ancira was and forcefully jerked the papers out of his hands, saying “He can’t have this.” C.O Smith folded the large stack of papers, and then went back to the other side of the dayroom, after placing the papers in her pocket.

While being brought back to my cell I asked C.O’s Landrum and Ancira why Ms. Smith took the carbon paper that I am allowed to have and they said they didn’t know. 4 other officers were on the section and they all said they didn’t know either and all of them said they thought I could possess the papers in question. I asked Mr. Ancira and Ms. Landrum for my confiscation slip and they said they’ll tell Ms. Smith. I saw them talk to Ms. Smith so I assume they did.

Captain Bryant walked by a few minutes later and I informed him that Ms. Smith took some papers I’m allowed to have and didn’t write me a confiscation form. He said he’d remind her and he told me to hold onto the form and send him an I-60 explaining the problem because he was in the middle of a major shakedown and couldn’t fully investigate every problem right then. Cpt. Bryant walked right over to Ms. Smith after this and she cast a menacing look in my direction so I assume Mr. Bryant told Ms. Smith to give me a confiscation form.

She never did.

About an hour later when all of the officers were leaving the section I respectfully asked Ms. Smith for my confiscation form and I was answered with a malicious smirk. Property Officer Smith outright stole property from me. She has stolen and/or arbitrarily confiscated thousands of dollars worth of inmates’ property. Her actions are unwarranted, outrageous and in violation of state & federal law, ACA Standards and TDCJ-CID policy.

Action Requested to resolve your Complaint: 3-Ply carbon paper is very expensive. I had approximately 100 sheets which costs between 10-15 dollars. I would like it returned to me or I request to be reimbursed.

Additionally, I request Ms. Smith be removed from her position as property officer and an OIG investigation launched into her illegal activities.

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