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  • Rob Will

The Shakedown King of Texas Prisons

Some years back this new Sgt. came on the building and he apparently thought he was going to be "The Shakedown King of Texas Prisons". This dude started terrorizing people randomly. 

Policies can be easily manipulated regarding property. Like for forever -- I don't know, like 100 years -- guys have put coffee in empty jars like peanut butter containers. They sell us big bags of coffee that last like 2 weeks. We have to use jars. Everyone knows this. Well, this Sgt. took two of my neighbors' jars of coffee just to be a jerk. His reason? "Unidentifiable substance in a non-labeled container". Nonsense. He took another guy's radio because he had a sticker on it. "Altered electronic equipment -- potential fire hazard". More nonsense.  90% of guys remained complacent. Myself and another guy agreed to engage in some direct action resistance. The jerk Sgt. came to my door a few days later for a shakedown. I had my jar of coffee on my desk, grabbed it and respectfully explained my position: for many, many decades this has not been any problem. Since I've been here for years, no one has ever taken jars of coffee. He actually popped the slot right then and demanded that I immediately hand him the coffee and declared "Contraband is what I say it is!" Ha! My response: "Well, I am  quite fond of this little jar of coffee so no, no I'm not going to give it to you -- go suit your team up and come take it since you seem to want to shut the building down and have a SWAT team deployment over half a bag of coffee".  Then I put my sheet up, dumped my coffee in the toilet and waited for the team to come. After the chaos of the gas deployment and Use of Force all the higher rank came to talk to me. Two other guys had jacked the slots and were about to do the same thing I did for the same reason. All three of us explained the reason and that quickly ended that Sgt's little terror campaign...

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