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  • Rob Will

You Lie

Can someone please explain to me why Republicans find it perfectly acceptable to engage in spewing forth extremely disrespectful rhetoric when criticizing Democrats — even the president — yet when Democrats criticize Republicans they do so in a very neat, cordial and agreeable manner?

Yesterday, President Obama gave his much anticipated speech before Congress on healthcare. When Obama began talking about the fact that illegal immigrants will not get free health insurance coverage under his plan, Republican Congressman Joe Wilson (from South Carolina) interrupted the president by shouting “you lie!”

Unprecedented, of course. Shocking, yes. The main question I have concerning this: Why hasn’t Wilson been condemned by other Republicans and forced out of office?

Let’s venture back in time to the reign of George the Second. Such a horrible time period I know, but I call it to mind to illustrate a point — I wholeheartedly apologize for possibly stirring any memories of Bushite neo-Con fanaticism.

So, imagine George Bush giving a speech on the need to wage war in Iraq. Bush is going along, explaining why the U.S. needs to invade Iraq. Every other point he makes is an outright bold face lie: Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. Iraq is funding Osama bin Laden —

And right then, a Democrat, say Dennis Kucinich shouts “you lie!” What would have happened? I’ll tell you what would of most likely happened: Kucinich would have been immediately escorted out of the building and he would be lucky if he wasn’t tazed and tackled.

Then he would of been condemned as “un-patriotic” and “un-American,” not necessarily because of disagreeing with Bush but because he interrupted The President during his speech. Then Kucinich would of been completely ostracized by both parties and forced to resign. Why are there such double-standards between Democrats and Republicans?


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